Wednesday, 13 March 2013

15 Feb 2013 i.s.i. Homestead Transferred

On the 15th February 2013 the final [Homestead] Int.Schools Island SIM in Second Life was transferred to a new owner. R.I.P. International Schools Island in Second Life ... many thanks for all of the learning opportunities, experiences and new friends.
The new Homestead name is "Haven" the new owner is again Trish Dean [avi Tori Landau] [avi manager Teri Leitner]

R.I.P.  i.s.i.

One of the reasons for giving up the SIMS was the cost ... just prohibitively high when the education 50% discount was removed. Ironic update is that I received an email from Linden Labs dated 12th March 2013
I quote
"We were sorry to see you go, and we’d love to see your institution return to Second Life. If you return, we’d like to offer your institution a 50% discount on land maintenance fees. Once you renew your account, you’ll pay just $1,770 per full private island for one year, or $3,540 for two years."

That's Life :-)