Sunday, 16 September 2012

Main Int.Schs.Island SIM transferred

The original, main, SIM which started International Schools Island in Second Life in 2007 has changed ownership and changed its name.

You can find more details at

Shamblesguru from the new home over looking the old.This was the result of Linden Labs removing the educational discount on their SIMS in Second Life in 2010 ... and US$3,600 is just too much to pay for a year rental.

The main i.s.i. SIM in Second Life transferred ownership on 14 September 2012 to Tori Landau and was renamed "Moonstone". The SIM will be redeveloped differently under this new ownership.

I (Shamblesguru) still owns and lives on the tropical SIM next to Moonstone ... called "International Schools Island 3" (isi3)

Many of the free teaching/learning objects that used to be on i.s.i can be found on isi3 scattered around the beaches ... organised just as 'Steptoe & Son' would have done.

One door closes and another opens.
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