Monday, 17 November 2008

Speaker Series .... 19 Nov08 Libraries and Info Literacy (k-12)

The second in the International Schools "Live in Second Life" (Speaker Series) is happening on Wednesday 19th November 
4:00a.m. S.L. time ... 12:00 lunchtime (London) ... 7:00pm (Thailand) ... 8:00pm (Hong Kong) ... 9:00pm (Tokyo) ... 11:00pm (Sydney)

Venue: International Schools Island Mountain Top 2

The session this week has a 'Libraries' and 'Information Literacy' (k-12) theme
... and on the sofa will be 
  • Dianne McKenzie (Dimac Dastardly) Teacher Librarian, Discovery College, Hong Kong
  • Doug Johnson (BlueSkunk Johnson) Director of Media and Technology, Mankato Area Public Schools Blue Skunk Blog:  
The session will also continue with the focus on teaching in an international community.

I hope you can attend as I continue with the "Larry King Live" format.

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