Friday, 14 November 2008

Speaker Series .... 12 Nov08 Fire Centaur

International Schools "Live in Second Life" (Speaker Series) .. the first of a 3 part 'pilot' series.Fire Centaur (Paul Preibisch) owner of the  English Village SIM and teacher in South Korea was the very first to be welcomed to the sofa by myself pretending I could do a "Larry King Live".
Fire did a brilliant job sharing his experiences working in South Korea and offering advice to those considering working there ... then giving the fully Monty about the establishment and development of his SIM.Finally he demostrated a game he has built  which used Zombies to motivate English Language learning, and finally he introduced his "bot" .. a dinosaur he had built and programmed which kept muttering "I smell avatars" as he moved around.Fire is an educator that also has design and programming skills, a sense of humour and a strong interest in Virtual Worlds ..... many thanks.

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