Tuesday, 13 May 2008

I love my "Scrubber"

Putting a script into objects in S.L. can result in all sorts of actions happening ... giving stuff away, changing colours, shapes, locations, gathering data ... too many to mention here.
You can write your own scripts but builders in S.L. are more likely to use scripts that others have already written ... there are thousands available for free.
On International Schools Island we are collating free scripts into topic boxes ... which any avatar can come and take for free.
Also there is a 'drop box' should others have scripts they are willing to give and share.
Building this collection was initially very frustrating because when scripts were put into the boxes they would often try and do something to the box ... that's what scripts do ... you cannot blame them (unless they are told not to run .. but too late if they are already in the box).
But then I was introduced to "The Scrubber"... which basically neutralises the box .... I love the Scrubber ... it has made this project do-able.
We will be working on these boxes for some time to come, you can find them on the 1st floor of the Info.Tower.
Click on the image for a larger version.

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