Monday, 26 May 2008

Clothing (inc. isi t-shirts) ... all free

Free Clothing ... an area on "Mountain Top 2" has lot of free clothes .. the difference from the norm here is that we have put them in topic boxes to make it easier to find items... i.e. there is a box of 'gloves', another of skirts, another of formal tuxes etc.
There is also one large collection box for you to donate free clothing which we will then put in the relevant topic box.
I've also set up a vendor which gives out free t-shirts made on isi ... I needed to spend time evaluating at a number of different vendors (free and for sale) ... I ended up going with "Cool Vendor v1.5" buying it online at SLXchange for L$600 (a little over US$2) ... recommended and excellent value.
The package contains several different vendor models, including one which materialises 3D images of objects for sale .... instructions for using the vendors was straight forward.
Of course all the t-shirts in this vendor can be purchased for zero Linden Dollars ... a gifts from Int.Schs.Island.

While setting up the vendor I was joined by a visitor, Milinneta Babii, to the Island who was casually exploring ... it really warms my heart to see the facilities, and especially the growing S.L. index in the towers, being used and making the lives of other educators in S.L. a little easier.
The specific location of these freebies is

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