Monday, 11 February 2008

A Presentation for the ELVEN Institute

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This morning (11Feb08) ... I gave a presentation in Second Life to some of the guys/gals at the ELVEN Institute ... the topic focussed on the collection of links and info about virtual worlds that is in the Technology Tower on the International Schools Island .. this was part of a regular Sunday evening (USA time) programme (program)
The ELVEN Institute is devoted to helping preK-12 educators and librarians to integrate new technologies into teaching and learning. The Institute specializes in professional development activities offered through multi-user virtual environments (such as Second Life) and helps preK-12 school personnel to envision and to build virtual learning environments for their students. After a brief upfront session giving general information about myself and the VW display we moved outside the Elven Institute to see the model of isi and more info, focussing on the towers. Then all teleported (at least one with a jet pack .. which caused a smile) to the Technology Tower to continue Q&A and have a look at the VW display.
This was probably the biggest group we've had land on the island simultaneously to date .. and I was pleased that the technology was up to the task ... especially as I was using voice for the whole session.

Thanks Elven for the invitation ....

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