Tuesday, 19 February 2008

The Borg have arrived ...

The Borg have arrived ... you'll probably not understand this reference if you are not a Star Trek fan ... but the Borg travelled the Universe in GIANT Cubes.
A giant cube is now hovering several hundred meters over the International Schools Island ... and is, thankfully, not the Borg but a Virtual Reality Room.
The cube, though, is very large (e.g. 20-50 m across) ... once inside you stand on a platform in the middle surrounded by 3D scenes (photographic) that can be changed.

The room comes with a set of scenes ... just click the control panel to change them .... but, more importantly, you can add your own scenes providing you have the photographs and learn the skills to customise them for this tool.
I have a gut feeling that this could be a very useful teaching and learning tool ... on the other hand I cannot think of specific uses .... the devil on my shoulder is asking if this is another ICT solution looking for a problem.
I'm leaning towards the optimistic angels viewpoint on the other shoulder.
To visit the VRR hovering over the international schools island ... once in Second Life then go to

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