Sunday, 17 February 2008

All aboard the bus ... for the tour

If you listen carefully then you can possibly still hear me laughing ... what fun.
On Sun 17 Feb08 I was asked if I would give a group of about 15 a tour of isi ... so I thought I'd try something new ... the 'following chairs' from the Mysti HUD.
So I rezzed up the chairs behind me, invited everyone to have a seat (actually did lose a few) and then I set off on the tour ... the chairs and occupants following behind me seemingly attached by some sort of invisible elastic force.
It was brilliant, even when I flew then the chairs took off behind me and obediently followed ...
I still need to work on the multitasking skills as I found it a challenge to talk(voice), chat(text),walk/ fly and laugh at the same time ...
I shall be using these chairs again ... ;-)
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