Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Totem Pole : to teleport around the island

We need to design a teleport board so that visitors can just click on them and move around the Estate (island) .... we already have these in the three towers to enable visitors to move quickly between the floors.
But I'm (as always) looking to see if we can do something a little out of the ordinary ... thinking out of the box (unless you are a cat).
Well ... the idea of a Totem Pole that allows you to click on parts of it to teleport came to mind .... so I put my builders hat on and have started working on this.
This may not be our final solution but it is an interesting concept.
Each part of the pole rotates at different speeds to the others so that it can be viewed from any angle and help differentiate the sections .... and when you click on that section then you should be teleported there.
When considering Totem Poles I did initially think of the Native North Americans of course ... but in fact they are also used by several Indigenous cultures in Asia ... and now possibly in Second Life as well.
Next on the 'to do' list may well be to learn how to script a 'war dance' ...

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