Thursday, 17 January 2008

Digital Clocks ...

I'm sounding like an old cracked record .... BUT ... it still warms my heart with the level of help and shared expertise that is readily given in this S.L. collaborative environment.
Today was a typical example ... I wanted to put a digital clock on the top of the teleport totem poles mentioned in the last post.
A couple of months ago I purchased a very simple digital wall clock in S.L. in S.L.Exchange ... so, yesterday, I thought I'd contact the creator (Ad Vanmoer, in Canada) to see if is was possible for me to modify the clock to the 3D layout I wanted.
An affirmative response came very quickly with some suggestions about how this could be done.
Now I should say that although my building skills are improving daily ... I'm still a nervous nubie ... and said to Ad that I'd have a go at making the changes but might have to come back to him if I messed up .. and hoped he didn't mind.
WELL .... today he offered to come over to the island and work with me to modify the clock to suit my exact needs ..... and so he came over and we worked together for well over an hour .. maybe two ... OK ... so really he did the work and I just watched and learnt.
So Ab ... thank you very much for this .... and I can now highly recommend a visit to Ab's Emporium at or website if you are looking for clocks in S.L. ... but I suspect you may also be interested in some of the other gadgets he has.
If only after-sales service was this amazing in R.L.

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Ener Hax said...

whaty a cool example of collaboration! sl is so wonderful for that big reason! neato on the clock too! :)