Sunday, 23 September 2007

Where in the world are we?

The continent names labelled here are sketchy to say the least and they seem, in part, made up from urban myths and legends. Sansara was the original continent followed by a second continent called Heterocera. Korea, also known as "The Southern Continent" or very affectionately called "The third continent" was the errr...the third and most southerly continent :)

Following huge rises in land prices and the possibility of the Second Life economy going out of the window, Corsica and Nautilus were added in quick succession. These 5 continents are known as Mainland. The Lindens put this land up for sale and through auctions, the land descends into the economy and is made available to buy to any resident who has bought membership.

In addition to Mainland there are Private Islands. I don't have the stats on this but visually, it seems that private islands make up the vast majority of SL land. Those blue and yellow diamonds indicate the position of a private island. I have pointed out isi island with an arrow; the yellow and white circle is where we are - right on the edge of the universe. As more private islands are bought, they could go anywhere on the map, including to our right. I hope we get nice neighbours.


Allister Walworth said...

Thank you for this list! I have been looking for the names of the mainland islands for a while.

Wizzy Gynoid said...

I've been in a conundrum about this very same subject since August of 2007. Apparently we were puzzling over this at the same time. Lately I've blogged a bit on the subject here:
Thanks in advance for letting me link to your image.