Sunday, 23 September 2007

isi Bylaws .. you are invited to contribute

Every Island needs to have it's own Bylaws so that we all stay safe and sound ..... and the International Schools Island is no different.
So we invite you to submit your own suggestions to be considered by the Island Council.
Those accepted by the Council will be made into a notice and displayed on the Island .... with your name along the bottom.
Use the 'comments' below to submit suggestions ... don't forget to state your name (real or S.L.).
I've started the list with the first Bylaw shown here ..... this should let you know that we are very serious about this ;-)


Himmm Peccable said...

No Tipping

(unless it's cash!)

Doug said...

Be yourself .... unless you have a reeason to hide!

Himmm Peccable said...

No Spamming

unless it comes with chips!
And now for something completely different...............