Saturday, 4 December 2010

isi2 closed BUT ... isi Estate still alive and well

Early Dec 2010 I closed down International Schools Island 2 ... for several reasons ... the educational discounts are being withdrawn in 2011 .. and a full SIM will then be over US$3,000 per year.
The other reason was to release some time to extend my explorations of other virtual worlds and other platforms for teaching and learning online .. including webinars and VLEs.
Int.Schs.Island (Estate) is still very much alive and well .. in fact the irony is that casual daily traffic has more than doubled over the past month.
I have also moved isi3 to the location where isi2 used to be ... and here is the new layout.


dsgran said...

Hey Chris,
Congrats on being nominated for an Edublog award for your island! You've got my vote!

Chris Smith said...

David ...
OH ... I didn't know ... I'll check it out ... but I'm small fry compared to the big guys ;-)