Sunday, 25 October 2009

College Fair in Second Life .. Open

The College Fair started (on Int.Schs.Islands) this weekend with two days of presentations ... and they were 'brilliant'.
It was opened by Claudia Linden who was followed by 8 other presentations.
At one point the SIM was full to capacity, avatars just could just not get in (unfortunately a frustrating experience).

There are 37 Colleges and Universities with stands (including UK Open Univ) ... these stand will now stay up until 13th Nov. Well worth a visit even if just to collect all the in-world freebies that they have put out.

For me it has been an extremely rewarding professional development learning experience, working with the other organisers plus ... presenters, visitors and builders  ... and I am really grateful to all for sharing their skills, time, experiences and views.
There is really no doubt in my mind that Virtual Worlds are a very valuable platform to add to the other blended mix of teaching and learning tools/opportunities available.
I took a pile of photographs all at Flickr or search for the tag #SLCF09

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