Saturday, 7 March 2009

The Naace Tour that Should have Been

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The NAACE Tour That Should Have Been from Leon Tubrok on Vimeo.


Chris Smith said...

Naace is the (UK) professional association for those concerned with advancing education through the appropriate use of information and communications technology (ICT).

At the annual conference, March 2009, in Blackpool, England one of the breakout sessions was a mixed reality one hour introduction to virtual worlds and in particular Second Life, a co-presentation with myself in Thailand.

My links in Thailand to the Blackpool hotel were through Skype and also from inside Second Life.
Unfortunately the (UK) internet connectivity was not up to the task at this time, maybe I was too critical of the English weather and the rain driving against the hotel windows ... I'll burn more joss sticks next time.

But even though the real life participants in the audience missed out on a real time Second Life demo and tour I was still in-world, with a videographer LeonTubrok Beaumont (SL name) and a casual visitor, Alena Tigerauge (SL name) who happened to be visiting International Schools Island at the time.

So rather than give in to our disappointments at losing the link with Naace in the UK we decided to take advantage of the skills we had between us and do the tour anyway with LeonTubrok wielding his trusty video camera.

This video (machinima) was completely unrehearsed and unscripted and done in real time ..... and although a real time experience in Second Life would have been preferred this is a brilliant alternative given the situation ... we hope you find it interesting and motivational.

I'm most grateful to Leon Tubrok(real life name Neil Corbett) for not only taking the video but also the much more time consuming editing ..... and also to Alena for the encouragement and support.

Shamblesguru Voom (SL)
Chris Smith (RL)
csmith at csmith dot info

Chris Smith said...

The videographer
Based in Manchester, England
LeonTubrok Beaumont (SL)
Neil Corbett (RL)

Naace Strategic Conference 2009 Blog

Breakout Session 3: Introduction to virtual worlds

The 17 min video I used in the RL presentation is at

International Schools Island (isi) Blog

General Info About SL

Chris Smith said...

Video can be seen on several hosts


YouTube: split in two parts

It's interesting to see the quality displayed on each of the hosts .. when it was the same original file taht was uploaded.