Wednesday, 25 February 2009

The 2nd QuestioN !

I started today with a fun experience ... I was invited to be a panel member on the 41st episode of The 2nd Question .... publicised as "a fast paced science themed show with the best & the brightest of experience in SL & beyond .... a one hour whirl of madness and merrymaking"
It really was fun ... but also very informative, the show is broadcast live across Second Life by SLCN (S.L.Cable Network) and recorded for archiving on the web ... see the next Blog post for the video.
SLCN staff spent considerable time before the show doing sound checks and coaching us through some SL tech tips to help make the programme run smoothly ..... and, to their credit, it all went well ... I'm not sure how much was due to the whip that was carried by Yxes.
It is on every Tuesday 7:00pm SL time with hosts Pooky Amsterdam and  Hydra Shaftoe and located at the futuristic SciLands
The only bad part about the whole experience ..... I LOST :-(

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