Saturday, 30 August 2008

Media Players in S.L.

Media Players in S.L. seem to be evolving almost daily ... I just purchased the NHC Media Center - Q308 for L$500 (US$2.50) to experiment with ... attracted by the boast of being able to play YouTube videos directly from YouTube.
... and it works brilliantly although I did need a little help from creator Sylvio Runo
It plays | Movies in Sequence | Direct YouTube Search & Play | Slide Show with Your Photos and Textures | Audio Music Parcel Manager | Radio Stations | plus ....
Support to lots of media types with auto adjust of the correct mime-type: php, asp, htm, html, mov, sdp, mp4, mv4, mpg, mpe, mpa, jpg, gif, txt, tiff, mpeg, 3gpp, and pict.
If you want to play with this one then just tp to isi at
More details of this particular player can be seen at SLEX

Of course ... playing media in S.L. works best on a high spec computer with a good connection.

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