Thursday, 17 April 2008

Train for Success

Last night it was planned that I'd give a brief intro to isi at the regular Thursday 'Train for Success' meeting
and then we would all wizz off to International Schools Island (isi) for a tour.

Second Life had second thoughts about allowing this ... by being very 'laggy' (have a cup-a-tea while waiting for a ppt slide to rez) and it also shut down teleporting (tp) completely so we were prisoners and could not get to isi for the tour.
Which reminded me of when I'd sometimes lock my classroom door, although I cannot remember if it was to keep students in or out ... the Fire Safety officer will probably remind me later.

My own learning outcomes from this session ...
(a) stop using Victorian didactic PowerPoint look-a-like tools/styles ... from now on I'll be displaying LARGE images on prims all set out, poster-style, at the start so participants have them all displaying (rezzed) before the session begins.
(b) Look for alternative strategies rather than the "Sage on the Stage", a style I'm not comfortable with anyway ... I'm really a teacher and not a lecturer and felt that last night ... some participants helped by turning the session into more Q&A (many thanks) ... so maybe I'd work better if being interviewed in a VW?.
But isn't this brilliant that VWs are forcing us to re-evaluate teaching and learning styles ... whether we want to or not .... "Spring Cleaning for the Brain" .... providing we are willing to take the risks and make the mistakes .... BUT - hang on a second! .... isn't that what we ask our students to do everyday? .... empathy revisited.
Many thanks to Ninoramai Hax for taking the pictures.

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Jayne Urqhart said...

Yep, I was there for that presentation. Lagalicious. Thanks for the best practices re presentations. Very useful. ~Jayne