Tuesday, 5 February 2008

5th Feb. 2008 ... isi Officially Open

Well ... today was the official 'Open to the Public' day ... and in some way the excitement was a bit of an anticlimax ... because all that happened was that I ticked a couple of boxes ... maybe I'm not that much of a party animal ... just another reserved British guy?.
What has become clearer to me is that that this is just another stage in the evolution of isi ... and confirmed that it really will always be "work in progress" ... as mentioned earlier ... paralleling teaching and learning in the real world ... and I know a cliche ... but it really is the journey that's important, not the final destination ... lifelong learning for real, folks.
But in case you think I'm slipping into almost being serious, I need to caution you about some underwater creatures that are roaming the seas around the island ... there is some really creepy stuff ... but you will need to go exploring to confront them.
"The Watchers" are actually brilliant examples of interactive artwork in S.L.

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