Monday, 28 January 2008

Pre Opening Open weekend 26/27 Jan 08

We just had a temp open weekend and allowed people in to give us some initial feedback about the island, content, functionality and navigation.
Many thanks for the comments received ... one very apt one was why have escalators, stairs etc when you can fly in S.L. ... our initial concept was to design the island to have an element of familiarity for new S.L. residents to help them feel more comfortable. Yes ... it can be seen as R.L baggage but there's lots of time and capability to evolve into something more adventurous that uses S.L. opportunities to the full.
Interestingly we don't think any visitors found our underground environment.
Also some visitors will be please to know that the elephants no longer seem to be moving around on pogo sticks ..... we've change their diet.
Official opening 5th Feb.08

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