Sunday, 20 January 2008

Oppps! We're sinking...

A funny thing happened to isi2 the other day...

I received a message from Shambles asking me to raise the land that had dropped around the entrance to the rain forest. I hadn't touched that land in over a week and I know when I left it, it looked perfectly fine. I set about redoing it, sighing and putting it down to one the vagaries of Second Life.

A little while later, another message comes through from him. The whole island had dropped 2m. No! Surely not! I flew around the island and gasped in despair at all the objects floating in the air, held up in space by some magic force. I wasn't at all keen to start raising the land again knowing full well that it might all rise up of its own accord, when it felt like it.

I telephoned Concierge and asked them to come take a look. Maggie Linden arrived in-world straight away - excellent service, I thought. She too flew around the island and then remarked that she hadn't ever seen this before. She went off to speak with someone else. I noticed Guy (Big Important Guy) Linden appear; he kept very quiet.

Maggie suggested two things. 1) To manually raise the land to its original position or 2) Request a rollback. A rollback would have meant losing all the objects that had been place on the island since the last "image" of the island was taken. I wasn't prepared to risk losing the grotto I have been working on, so I opted for the manual option. Three hours later, all was restored and as it should be. Arhhhh, that's better.

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