Tuesday, 1 January 2008

isi Rainforest

Despite the best made plans it's impossible to guarantee control over the future (a bit like ICT Dev.Plans) ... hopefully the plan has a flexibility to respond to the unexpected or embrace new opportunities that are created or present themselves.
This week a discussion about a path evolved into the building of a Rainforest that would serve as a connection between two regions in the Estate and also provide a venue to showcase T&L resources related to the environment, rainforests, global warming and conservation.
Finding vegetation for a Rainforest in S.L. is also becoming a bigger challenge than I expected ... S.L. is saturated with Palms but, of course, there are not many Palm trees in a Rain Forest. (despite some residents perceptions).
One location for finding (and buying) some wonderfully made vegetation is Botanical at Straylight http://slurl.com/secondlife/Straylight/194/12/40 ... it's very realistically done ... I'm highly jealous of the building skills of this particular creator.

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