Tuesday, 18 December 2007

My first SCREAMING rant ....

Today I went looking for a "Tibetan Consonants in a Cube" that I'd been told about .. I even had a landmark to Info Island International ... but when I teleported there I was redirected to a central arrival area ... a strategy that some islands use so that all visitors arrive at the same place ... usually next to information about the island.
It then took me a frustrating 30 mins (plus) to find what I needed ... a 30 mins that was just wasted searching .... my rant is "Island owners ... please allow visitors to be able to use landmarks where it's convenient to them not just convenient to the island" .... if you want visitors to see your main info area or meet guides then design the appropriate signs and navigation on the island .... I wonder how many hundred of thousand of hours have been wasted by avatars trying to find something specific because they cannot tp directly..
OK there is a time when one wants to just wonder about ... but this was not one of them.
On the plus side I also have a visit today to CALEDON ... an island (in fact a group of 33 islands) with a Victorian theme .... and I talked with the Director Librarian JJ Drinkwater ... so impressed with the libraries there and the events they are organising ... highly recommended.

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