Thursday, 13 December 2007

Content Content Content

We're really multitasking at full steam now ... while infrastructure construction continues we are also starting to work on the content and displays in the towers.
One of my own disappointments when entering S.L. is how hit and miss it is to find good teaching and learning resources ... my saviours have been other educators I've met in S.L. over the past 6 months ... who have shared their nuggets of knowledge so freely.
In the International Schools Island Towers we are building a 3D index that we hope will help residents find content a little more easily ... this is a slow process and we have even put back opening the island until Chinese New Year (early Feb 2008) to help us get further down this path ... but in my heart I know it's going to be very similar to theShambles website experience ... this particular job will never be finished ... and fits nicely in to the box called 'lifelong learning'.
It is also paralleling the Shambles experience in that I know the content will not really start growing substantially until others become involved ... sharing suggestions, observations and reviews about what should be here (or not here) .... YES ... and I do mean "you".
We look forward to your feedback ....

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