Monday, 3 December 2007

Cable TV in Second Life

Well ... would you believe it ... cable TV in Second Life.
It was just luck that yesterday I found out about this ... so off I went to SLX on the web and purchased my viewer .. I chose a free one (search for SLCN) which was delivered immediately to me in S.L.
It took all of five minutes (really!) to install it and follow the brief notecard instructions .. and I was sitting back on the roof of the technology tower and watching the Sports Channel ... a sailing race in S.L.
The video/audio quality was not great ... I need to investigate more about optimising the feed for the best results.
I think to be able to do this you need to own the land you are on ... but, heck, it's what we got a loan from the bank manager for.
At this moment in time the available channels are :
  • Lifestyle - all of our talk and entertainment shows
  • Sports - featuring the ice hockey, slascar, snail races, sailing and more
  • Community - panel discussions, presentations and interviews
  • Guide - let's you know what is coming up on SLCN live
  • Shopping - get to know the people behind your favorite Second Life shops and products on ShoppingSL
  • Music - check out the live performances in Second Life
  • Business - features presentations and discussions for the business and technical community
  • Metaversed - A dedicated stream for content
For more information visit
P.S. I'll be glad when the island is open to the public ... I won't have to watch alone ;-(

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