Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Where does the water really come from ...

Takeme and I had an interesting discussion about the source of the waterfall .... I guess a sauce talk ;-)
Well I don't agree with all this techotalk (technobabble?) below ... we all know that water comes from rain falling and that high land collects water ... we all did the "Water Cycle" at school after all ... right?
So I was adamant that the water at the top could not be bubbling .... it should be a smooth surface and calm ... maybe with a few Koi swimming around.
So we were at one of those collaborative impasses .... which will it be .. bubbly or calm??.
WELL ... geologists have discovered that this mountain was once an active volcano and there is still some activity there resulting in the heating of the water (so Takeme says .. I haven't actually seen the original reports) .... and she said one word to me ... "SPA" ...
So looks like we will now be developing this area as a Spa (but am suspicious that I've been manipulated).
You will be pleased to note that no Koy fish were actually poached (cooked by the hot water) in this process and you will find them in a new (calmer) location on the Island) when open at the end of 2007.
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