Saturday, 15 September 2007

SculptO'Matic Sim Mapper

I thought this would be a useful thing to have on the island as a point of reference - general orientation, teleport station or just as an object of interest. It is suppose to create a 3D Sculpted primitive of the sim. I have followed the instructions ever so carefully, but all I'm getting is this multi-coloured blob. I have IMed the seller (Anjin Meili) twice now. As yet, no luck. Hopefully he will get back to me soon. The ratings on this product on indicate that it's probably me doing something wrong...will update this post when I get it right!

Update! I knew that would happen. I've been trying to get this to work for days and as soon as I blog about it, this chappy returns my IM! He was a great help. Seems I was putting the texture on the object rather than in the object. Hmm a very subtle difference but obviously makes all the difference. Next I need to make texture to overlay onto the prim.

Last bit...
I've created a texture to overlay onto the prim by capturing screen shot on the map and importing that into Paint Shop Pro. In there, I edited the graphic to remove the yellow circle and view point that you get showing up on the map. Export that out as a jpeg and upload into Second life as a texture. Easy- 3D map created!

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