Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Our blog up in lights!

I bought this RSS reader for L$ 450 from QA Business park ( ) I have been researching readers for some time with the intention of buying one but I have always found them fuzzy and kept chickening out from parting with my money. In fact most make me feel nauseous after looking at them for any amount of time. This design, however seemed clear and the letters didn't jump about at all. I had some problems setting it up which is why I called for help from the seller - David Boelcke. He took me back to his place - hmmmm - and he put the isi blog up on one of his news walls. Can you see it? Right in the middle. Turns out I had a dodgy copy. He told me he could provide me with an even clearer version. I doubted this as I thought it was clear in the first place. However, he whipped out this other version, and wow - yes crystal clear. I found David to be extremely helpful; he explained things clearly and patiently. I would recommend him and his products, if you are on the look out for a very decent RSS reader with great support attached.


Chris Smith said...

Having a good RRS aggregator and display in S.L. has started me thinking about the possibility of using it as an "Events" board.

I know that Google Calendar data can be imported into S.L. as I've seen it being used in English Village but it did not "WOW" me (the Calendar not English Village) .... English Village does WOW me ... I particularly like their Hollow Deck.

Ummmm .. I'm meandering off the topic.

So I've set up an events Blog at and we can see how well this works feeding into the new in-world display

Takeme Homewood said...

I have bought the Google Calendar reader from David too - Seems to work well, not really investigated it thoroughly, as yet.

Chris Smith said...

Have completely changed my mind about using a Blog (& RSS feed) as an events calendar.
The major flaw being that the posts cannot be sorted .... so events would be listed in the date order of adding to the list rather than the chronological order of when taking place.
So I now have a solution looking for a problem .... welcome to the world of technology.

David Boelcke said...

Chris, you are completely right the events are returned within the RSS feed in the order which they are added to the Google Calendar and as such are not in chronological order.

So if I said that the RSS could be re compiled to place them in chronological order and remove any events which have expired, would it be worth waiting a few more seconds (15 to 20 sec’s) for the QA Calendar Reader to start up and refresh it’s feed every hour ?

Oh and without deploying new readers to everyone also 

Thoughts ?

Chris Smith said...

We need to investigate more .... but if your RSS reader really does automatically update/delete/re-order from Google Calendar in just that short period then I only have one word to say ... Brilliant!

David Boelcke said...

Ok I better get the revised code in place then ...

Even if it is just to hear Chris say Brilliant!

Watch this space :-)